Broader Representation Advocacy Team


Despite significant progress made in securing equality for all individuals and communities, the African-American community has been less visible and vocal about the needs and concerns of our community. We continue to witness a lack of sensitivity towards understanding the impact of race and culture on the experience of African American individuals, particularly around political and socio-economic issues and persistent inequity in many sectors of American society.  As such, we have struggled to build our political base and constituency.  The election of President Obama signaled a generational shift in the national political structure of the nation and BRAT-PAC will help to create a pipeline of new generation progressive African American candidates around the country at all levels of government. 

Our primary mission is to identify and support candidates who represent a new generation of progressive leadership in the public policy and legislative arena and who can bring fresh thinking, ideas and solutions to problems that continue to limit the potential in African American communities by:

  1. Recruiting viable progressive African American candidates;
  2. Training and identifying financial capital to assist candidates build and run effective campaign organizations; and
  3. Mobilizing African American voters to help elect progressive candidates across the nation.


 In 2008 we worked as a community to elect the first African American President of the United  States by voting in record numbers as a community and working together.  This was proved again  in 2012 that we can make a difference and change the face of the politics and policies that affect  the African American community for future generations. Every dollar you donate to BRAT-PAC  will go toward equipping activists with the tools they need to win. From phone calls, direct mail,  yard signs and door hangers, BRAT-PAC is providing grassroots, citizen activists with materials  to support our endorsed candidates.







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