Created in 2009, The Broader Representation Advocacy Team (BRAT-PAC) is a non-profit political organization and is not connected with any candidate, party, or other entity.  We are dedicated to recruiting, training, and providing financial support to African American candidates for public office at the local, state, and national levels while working with partner organizations to identify, educate, and mobilize African American voters across the country in elections where African American voters can make a difference.  

After working within communities around the country for many years on issues and political campaigns educating and mobilizing primarily African American voters, the BRAT-PAC team came to the conclusion that we can no longer wait on campaigns or political parties to come into our communities to elect candidates that will bring fresh thinking, ideas and solutions to problems that continue to limit the potential in African American communities.  We will seek to accomplish this by working in coalition across communities through our established working relationships with local, state and national community organizations and leaders, elected officials, as well as corporations and trade associations to motivate African-American people to remain actively engaged in the political process. 


Board of Directors

Jasper L. Hendricks, III has worked as an advocate and community organizer for over 15 years.  Having worked in the U.S. House of Representatives, Jasper has also served as the National Director of Youth and College Voter Empowerment at the NAACP and National Director of Field and Political Programs for the National Black Justice Coalition before moving back to his hometown of Farmville, VA where he worked as Assistant Executive Director of the Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity and currently at Central Virginia Health Services, Inc., giving back to the community that helped raised him.  

Stephanie Findley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Construction & Management Services, LLC a for profit corporation specializing in concrete, painting, drywall, flooring, and construction management.   Stephanie has led strategic initiatives with senior management across industries to assess business processes, identify revenue growth opportunities and improve organizational practices.  Stephanie provides design and implementation assistance to her clients as they work through changes such as business start ups, acquisitions, reorganizing, growth and continuous improvement projects.

Born with a passion for helping others, Denisha DeLane has committed her life and work to serving her community and making a difference.  As a grassroots organizer, Denisha has more than 15 years of experience with community organizations and non-profit groups, including the creation of local ecumenical networks, building community partnerships, and developing community involvement strategies.  Denisha specializes in faith based outreach as owner of In Faith Media Group and Faith in the Bay.

Owner and CEO of TMG (Tasco Management Group), Roderick Tasco, Sr. represents and manages a wide spectrum of professional athletes and entertainers.   

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